I am a Seattle-based documentary-style editorial photographer. The path to this career began in childhood when I was given my own Kodak film camera and was nurtured by my father to develop an "eye" and technical understanding of the craft - which he embodied as a most respected amateur.  He shared his darkroom, showed me the workflow and praised my creations.  There was never any pressure placed on me in this pursuit as was the case with academic expectations, so photography always provided a wonderful outlet for self expression and the camera accompanied me through life's experiences.

After earning a BA in English from UCLA, I decided to study photography and become a professional. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara with a major in Portraiture and minor in Illustration, and have been photographing professionally for over 35 years.  At Brooks, we had a weekly assignment called EDL's (Every Day Life), requiring us to capture, fun, poignant, humorous, and clever but technically strong photographs from our everyday life. That approach became a focal point of my work and a determining factor in the evolution of my business. My love of photography has never wavered.